Due to our flexibility, we cannot give you exact prices here. Each website is quoted individually depending on your needs. We can meet or get in contact with you to give you a free, fixed no obligation quote.

However, for a rough idea, for an original 5 page site from scratch, you can expect a price of around £299. This includes design, hosting, photography and search engine optimisation. Server script such as PHP however will affect the price. This price also excludes hosting fees, which vary depending on the hosting solution selected by the client, and are paid directly to the hosting provider

Maintenance and uploads can be discussed on a site by site basis.

If you already have a site but feel it is not up to scratch, we can offer a touch-up for a lesser price.

Terms & Conditions

We are committed to providing a quality personal service and our terms are used to clearly show what
can be expected from you as a customer and us a company.

Unless otherwise explicitly agreed and stated, the our responsibility is limited to designing customers’ websites and excludes the update, use, altering, maintenance, troubleshooting etc. of the customer’s website/s once online. We reserve the right to request additional payment to cover any or all of such work and/or to refuse to undertake such work.

Quotes are fixed unless the client makes significant changes to the plan for their site. Payments are non refundable without good reason.

We use customers’ material e.g. text, information, photos etc to design customers’ websites. We are not responsible for these materials.
The use of these websites is at the visitor's or user's own personal risk. We do not warrant the content, accuracy or veracity of any material
or other information on the customers’ websites nor does it warrant that these websites are free from errors, faults, viruses or other
computer or data-corrupting or data-damaging material.We reserve the right to make changes to the site without any prior notification.We reserve the right to flexible time schedules due to the nature of the work and the problems that can arise.We will frequently need input from you as a customer for you to get the best service.